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Over 20 years experience within the communications, integrated marketing, creative design, digital, printing, public relations and feature film industries. Directed, produced and broadcast business critical media for internally and externally facing initiatives. Utilizing hands on production expertise as well as managing teams of videographers, photographers, producers, directors, editors, designers and vendors.  




Increased social media members by over 3,300% in 8 months. Acquired a higher response rate by 40% on integrated marketing campaigns by implementing personalized, data driven components. Created a path and protocol for the sales department to procure over $200,000.00 of missed revenue from the marketing/creative services department. Designed, created, developed, tested, deployed, tracked and measured 7 unique direct marketing products integrated into the corporate product line. Developed a return on investment worksheet for account executives to formulate how much product needed to be sold to balance the expenses of attending trade shows. Broadened team’s skills resulting in higher productivity, greater quality, career advancement and strengthened corporate loyalty.


From her first week, Nancy demonstrated confidence in her ability to achieve results above and beyond that of what was expected. As a creative leader, she made valuable suggestions to support building on our positive reputation.  It’s rare to find employees who are willing to take risks and build something new.  Nancy did much more than that, she hand-picked and hired an “A list” team of videographers, producers and designers then proceeded to deliver top notch communications for the entire company.   She defined the corporate brand by creating a style guide and structured governance around it.   She flowed work seamlessly between Apollo Corporate Executive initiatives and University of Phoenix communications priorities.

Nancy is well respected and trusted among her employees, peers, and the executive leadership of our organization.

She has a “roll up her sleeves” work ethic and creates world-class outcomes with her team.  Whether in the office or traveling, she demonstrates strong work ethic and always makes herself available for all team members. 

Senior Director, Corporate Social Responsibility

Apollo Education Group, Inc.

We are THRILLED with Nancy! We just gave the Investment Report that she worked on to our namesake, Mr. Fulton and he had nothing but good things to say, especially about the inside front cover of the piece that she dreamed up in a way I never could have. This project was also under a tight deadline, and Nancy was super responsive, even in the non-traditional hours to make sure it got done. 

Sr. Manager, Communications

Arizona State University

Fulton Schools of Engineering

Nancy has always been able to make the best out of some of the toughest situations. She is articulate and always thinks out of the box when it comes to problem solving. I would recommend Nancy to any individual who requires integrity, intelligence and a solid work ethic.

Director of SaaS and IT Operations

Direct Energy





Nancy is a real gift. In her capacity as an internal communication SME, she supported the Global Talent Management team on internal employee engagement and other programmatic launches. Each member of my team trusted her judgment and relied on her expertise to help manage our employment brand. Most importantly, we got a collective kick from her personality and truly enjoyed working with her.

Vice President, Global Talent Management

Apollo Education Group, Inc.





Nancy is that rare blend of creative genius and dynamic people person. She is great at putting the creative in context; she starts with outcomes and works backwards to find a collaborative solution. And, did I mention she is fun? She is a joy to work with and brings a positive spirit to any project.

Vice President Corporate Social Responsibility

Apollo Education Group, Inc.





Nancy was the cornerstone of the Marketing Department. Her creativity and focus on the brand was top notch. The team she managed was very well run and she was well respected by them. The value and talents Nancy brings to the table are second to none.


RIDE Cyclery





Nancy is very diversified and capable of creating a wide range of content all the way to targeted campaign development. She integrated well with the entire team - is a self starter - and results oriented. Her positive attitude and people skills are a true asset.

Chief Executive Officer





I'd be thrilled to speak to anyone about Nancy's excellent work, fantastic attitude & creative skill set.

Chief Marketing Officer

CONNECT Springboard Program



• Created, Defined and Governed Brand, Logos and Style Guide

• Drafted, Edited and Posted Time Sensitive Content Across All Online Channels

• Managed Multiple Creative Design Teams

• Provided Multi Chanel Promotional Campaigns and Tracked Response Rates and ROI

• Directed Video Productions For Executive Communication Initiatives

• Designed Corporate Intranet Overhaul and Migration from Sharepoint to Office 365

• Envisioned Video Messaging, Branding and Style Through Collaborative Channels

• Secured Career Advancement for Direct Reports in Both Title and Compensation

• Art Directed Web Design Including Branding, User Interface and User Experience

• Created Corporate Library of Branded Collateral Including Packaging

• Constructed Intranet Overhaul Including All Content, Design and HTML

• Implemented Mar-Com Mailings: Strategy, Content and Design

• Managed Outside Vendors Including Photographers, Videographers, Illustrators and Designers

• Engineered Vertical Campaigns Continuously For 23 Account Executives

• Communicated to and Involved External Service Team Of 1,000 + Employees

• Produced 5 Tier Trade Show Comprehensive Marketing Campaigns

• Examined and Compared Industry Competition

• Incorporated Personalized Variable Data and Urls

• Introduced Social Networking Platforms and Viral Marketing Concepts

• Generated All Print Advertisement

• Formulated Integrated, Multi-Tier Marketing Initiatives Including QR Codes

• Facilitated Client Creative Needs With 1:1 Consulting.

• Handled Image Provider Relationships and Vendor Licensing Agreements

• Worked With Press Operator on Color Continuity/Press Checks

• Organized Corporate On-Line Image Gallery Content & Maintenance

• Furnished Collateral, Campaigns and Trade Show Booth Displays & POS

• Researched Relevant Prospects For Each Campaign

• Supervised Special Template Creation and Maintenance

• Collaborated With IT On Web Functionality

• Administered Product Pricing

• Assessed Aptitude and Assign Design Software to Account Executives

• Defined Consumer Campaign Expectations Including Production Time

• Developed New Products Including Templates, Specs and Announcements

• Maintained Supplier Relationships

• Expedited and Art Directed Outsourced Projects

• Authorized and Enforced Graphics Fees and Policies

• Built Data Driven/Personalized/Variable Image Marketing Materials

• Imposed Print Ready Files to Reflect Project Layout, Volume and Paper Size

• Laid Out Variable Address Template Adhering to the USPS Standard for Mail

• Manufactured Media Kit

• Strategically Procured Relevant Lead Lists for Company and Client Campaigns

• Acquired New Clients and Build Targeted Effective Campaigns

• Executed Any and All Forms Needed To Implement Internal and External Agendas

• Conducted a 3,000 Item Supply Catalog

• Comprised a Volume Of Executive Communication Options

• Assembled an On-line Marketing Design Gallery Containing Variable Components

• Designed and Distributed Client Marketing Communication Catalog

• Delegated Internal Production Flow (Procedures, Protocol, Documents)

• Wrote, Designed and Launched Press Releases for Internal and External Initiatives

• Established Marketing Strategies for Launching New Corporate Divisions

• Mapped Data as Design Components to Render Personalized Product

• Composed, Launched and Tracked Weekly Internal Communication Bulletin

• Fabricated, Sent, Tracked and Reported On Monthly External Industry News Letter

• Directed All Major Corporate Presentations and Approved Branded PowerPoints

• Updated Main Company Internet and All Sub-Sites

• Trained Sales Support Team’s Photoshop Requirements

• Supplied Vendor/Manufacture Designs For New Product Launch

• Took Ownership Of All Social Media Platforms

• Obtained Field Data for Marketing Analysis

• Announced Information From Human Resource Department

• Recommend Best Practices for Search Engine Optimization




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