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Recruitment: IT - Apollo Education Group


My team was asked to capture and produce a video on behalf of Apollo Education Group’s IT Department, as they were looking to fill positions. Julia Rajchel was the Sr. Producer/Director on this assignment and exercised her incredible aptitude for creativity while I collaborated as Sr. Art Director. We staged several interviews, enlisted the company's security team to rig go-pros on their golf carts and Julia composed beautiful time-lapse. This video is owned by Apollo Education Group, Inc.

Super Bowl XLIX: Welcome to Apollo House


During Super Bowl XLIX, Apollo Education Group hosted a viewing party downtown during the festivities. In between all the sporting and news feeds, we needed video content to program in rotation to play on the monitors. Julia Rajchel was the Sr. Producer/Director and found a way to introduce and familiarize the guests at Apollo house by presenting facts and high-energy footage in collaboration with the strategic marketing department, local artists, and University of Phoenix stadium.This video is owned by Apollo Education Group, Inc.

Creating the Future American Workforce: Investments and Innovation in Human Capital


Working with my Sr. Producer/Director, this piece was created on behalf of Apollo Education Group (AEG) to serve as a call to action to address the growing skills gap. It was shown as a vision from AEG's Chief Executive Officer during a summit in which representatives from fortune 500 companies came together to collaborate. For this piece, we worked with our strategic partners, marketing, and hired voice over talent. This video is owned by Apollo Education Group, Inc.

Great Place to Work:
Apollo Education Group

For Apollo's Corporate Social Responsibility department to submit a video for one of their initiatives, we staged "elevator interviews" and sourced an onsite photo-booth for employees to communicate why they thought Apollo was a "great place to work". This video is owned by Apollo Education Group, Inc.

Recruitment: UOPX School of Nursing


My faithful team and I worked with Apollo's Talent Management department to create this video to excite potential recruits to apply for positions within the School of Nursing. We proactively sought out the collaboration of the school's marketing expertise in the nursing industry guide our vision on creating the talking points, story boards and staging. This video is owned by Apollo Education Group, Inc.

University of Phoenix and
The Arizona Diamondbacks:
Teaming Up for Education


We were tasked with covering the UOPX Alumni event to create a highlight reel. We arrived on location with a plan to conquer and divide. We plotted time-lapse POVs, we staged GoPro "selfies" and conducted "man-on-the-street" interviews. This video is owned by Apollo Education Group, Inc.

Behind The Scene: Rob Nason Illustrates
"How Rolland Rolls"


In 2013, actor Jim Carrey released a children’s book titled, “How Roland Rolls.” The book has been beautifully illustrated by Rob Nason, an extremely talented and we renowned artist. Throughout, I set up cameras to capture the process from concept to paper.  With vision, I gave Julia Rajchel  the footage in addition to a track we enjoyed (we still cannot pin this artist down–if we could there would be credits associated with the video) & she worked her magic nailing the visual to the audio perfectly.

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